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Fourthified is not "get your pre-baby body back" fitness.

It's "bullet proof your postpartum body so you can avoid pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinance, painful sex, the constant feeling of something falling out of your rectum)" fitness.

The focus of Fourthified is on regaining autonomy of your current body.

I became a new mom at the age of 40, and while I had an easy pregnancy, I had an EXTREMELY difficult delivery (10 lb sunnyside up baby delivered with forceps).

Though I was very active before and during my pregnancy, I wanted to take it slow with my recovery, making sure to rebuild my body from the foundation out. I used my extensive training in prenatal/postpartum fitness as well as my 11 years as a personal trainer to design this program, and I am so excited to share it with you!

Fourthified is approved and recommended by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner (aka a pelvic floor therapist). I have invested a lot of time and money into educating myself so that I can provide safe and efficient training programs and information to my pregnant and postpartum clients.

Available Products

Fourthified: A postpartum fitness course for recovery

Fourthified: A postpartum fitness program for recovery, is a self-paced, 14 week program designed to rebuild your core and confidence after pregnancy!  

The Three Pathways to Regaining Autonomy of Your Postpartum Body

The Three Pathways to Regaining Autonomy of

Your Postpartum Body



During This Live Masterclass, You Will Learn: 

1. When it is safe for me to start exercising? (A baby WAS just extracted from my body.)

If you’re pregnant or you just gave birth, you’re probably already being bombarded with messages of “snapping back,” “losing the baby weight,” or “getting rid of your mummy tummy!” You’ve just experienced the traumatic event of pregnancy and childbirth, when is it actually safe for you to start working out postpartum and what type of exercise should you do?


2. Six week check up and you’re "good to go"!  WTF??

For the past 9 months (give or take), you’ve been going to more doctor appointments than you’ve been to in your entire life. Now you’ve given birth, and those appointments come to a dead stop. The baby is out so good luck!  The doctor will see you in six weeks!  “Ummm…but that baby just came out of my vagina or stomach. Don’t you want to keep an eye on me and make sure I’m healing well?” This masterclass will tell you what you can do to proactively set yourself on the path to recovery while you wait for that six week check-up.


3. Putting yourself before your baby makes you an awesome parent. Could this be true??I know, it sounds like crazy talk! This sweet, innocent little baby can only poop and cry without help and you’re supposed to put yourself first? Find out why this mindset will make your postpartum journey a little more bearable.


4. At the end of this masterclass you will feel empowered to reclaim autonomy of your postpartum body.

I mean, that’s reason enough to watch this masterclass right there!

* * * BONUS * * *During this free masterclass I will also share my top three simple tips for making your postpartum journey that much more enjoyable. 

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